Venezuela and open source

I have very mixed feelings about Huge Chavez, but none about open
source. These two worlds collide in Venezuela which is arguably leading
the world in a nation-embrace of open source software. I was reading
about it on worldchanging, when I came across this:

Sabotage of the state oil company's Microsoft-based computer systems by
the former managers in 2002 very nearly derailed the Chavez revolution;
local computer hackers managed to break through the security of the
systems, and restore control to the new government. This experience was
the direct catalyst for Venezuela's decision to move aggressively to an
open source environment -- never again will proprietary code be used to
lock out the government (and, it occurs to me, never again would hackers
so easily break the systems' security...).

So basically the highest profile company in Venezuela got hacked and
almost took down the government. They no longer trust windows, so the
whole country is forced to switch to Linux. Interesting.

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