The pizza man of Newark airport

So I had a manic, aimless, highly productive and ultimately very useful tramp across the eastern seaboard a few weeks ago. Lots of flying, driving, hiking, cycling, walking, yadda.Measured against expectations, no question, the best meal I had was in the Newark airport. I got in the line for a slice of pizza, not realizing that I was preparing for a show of pizzatastic proportions. This half Italian, half black, half Puerto Rican, ginormous dude yelled out at people - "YOU! WHAT CAN I GETCHYA?" And then the magic would begin. He played his spatula like Kurt Cobain on a guitar that was about to be smashed. Cha-ching, ching, ching, ching cha! "PEPPERONI COMING UP - HEY WATCHU WANT?". The spatula sang as it slapped open the pizza oven, and then shimmied under a slice. It was incredible.I took my singing slice o' margarita (my baseline pizza comparison standard) and headed over to the A&W section of the mystical airport food court and ordered a root beer float. It is not often that I can say with conviction, "God bless the USA".