Cheap broadband for Africa happening in Rwanda

Very interesting and exciting article about an American who came to
Africa (Rwanda) to teach, and ended up building a nationwide fiber based
internet backbone. I know this is possible in Malawi too, and could
really transform the country:

Not too long ago, a high-speed internet connection in Rwanda cost close
to $1,000 per month. A whopping 22 customers could afford to buy this
service from the national telco - RwandaTel. Then, Terracom arrived.
Terracom started laying fiber throughout Rwanda, bought RwandaTel for
$20m and dropped the price for a combination high-speed internet
connection and phone line down to $80 per month. Greg Wyler - the
American entrepreneur cum do-gooder behind Terracom - sees affordable
internet service as a key step to establishing Rwanda as an African IT
hub. And that may well mark the first time Rwanda and IT hub have
appeared in the same sentence.


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