Ethiopia and the internet

According to this article Ethiopia believes in the leapfrog dream.

Ethiopia's IT programme is an extreme example of the aspiration of several African countries to leap out of their quagmire of decaying public services with the help of IT. The dream is to skip an entire generation of infrastructure by going directly to internet technology.

My dream is to bring bandwidth to Malawi especially its villages. By sellingVOIP and relying heavily on Open Source innovations and communities as well as used equipment from Ebay to keep prices low, I am hoping to develop market driven approaches - not just the government gravy trains that are far too common in Africa.

2 Response to Ethiopia and the internet

  1. Darren says:

    This project is reminiscent of the old barebones mp3 project. Bringing broadband to Malawi - I dig it. If anyone could pull it off it would be you Mike.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks bro! You need to come out here and help me with it!

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