Simon says do the funky chicken

Claudia and Temwa
On Saturday night we were invited to a party at Temwa's house, who is one of Claudia's colleagues. Besides working very hard at OIBM, Temwa has been spending all of her evenings and weekends studying, and last week was finals week. So to celebrate being finished she threw a big party. It was my first real Malawian party and it was a lot of fun. Temwas hired two bouncy castles for the kids, and they were bbq-ing (we call it brai-ing in Africa) all night long. I brought my camera which made me an instant celebrity. The kids were so excited to have pictures taken of them, so I must have taken 100 pictures of the kids climbing, sliding, and just posing among all of the bouncy goodness.
As it became darker the bouncy castle went to bouncy castle sleep and the kids converged on the grownups. Soon we were making shadow puppets and I showed them the old severed thumb magic trick.

The music was playing and somehow Claudia suggested we play Simon Says. I never imagined how perfect Simon Says is for playing on the dance floor - especially with a bunch of kids who revel in grownups being silly. Simon says hop on one foot, Simon says do the chicken dance, Simon says dance in slow motion, Jump up and down - ah ah ah I didn't say Simon Says! It was a blast, and we even had a few grownup Malawians participating - perhaps they thought Muzungus are always so silly at parties - and perhaps we are. I can't wait for our next party!

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  1. Temwa says:

    I have enjoyed reading your write up of the party, it's like reading an adventure story book!! i just love it!!!

    Please remember to invite me to an american party!!! I will try as much as possible not to include Malawian activities to your party.

    Once again thanks very much for coming to my party.


  2. Mike says:

    So glad you enjoyed my blog - we certainly enjoyed the party. The great food, nice people and fun kids. It couldn't have been better!

    We need to have a big World party where we combine the best of all cultures in one big party that goes until Kuche Kuche.

  3. Thenga says:

    It was really nice meeting you both (claudia and Mike), thanx to Temwa's cool party for bringing us all together i really had a great time.
    or maybe thanx to Arthur for taking me to the party.

    Hope to see you all again one day.



  4. Temwa says:

    Mike, we have a mental hospital in Zomba District. If we threw a world's party, the minister of Health would rush with his team taking us to this mental hospital in Zomba. They would think that mad people are partying!!!!!

  5. Arthur says:

    The party was a blast, Mike I think you had all the kids going crazy with Simon Says. Temwa thank you for inviting Thenga and I to your party. We need more of these.....


  6. Chicken Little

    Chicken Little. For those who really likes chicks.

    Will sky fall or somenthing else will happen?


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