Boys will be boys

A couple of weeks ago Claudia and I were at Luwawa Forest Lodge - which
is a marvelous retreat just a few hours from Lilongwe. They have great
mountain biking, canoing, sailing, and gorgeous scenery all around. We
camped along with a bunch of friends from Lilongwe and had a great time.

On the second day we went on a hike called Poachers Walk which was
really beautiful and varied. It starts with a walk through a village
where Claudia learned how to pound ufa with some of the girls there.
As we walked out into the marshland some of the boys from the village
joined as and proceeded to walk with us for the rest of the way - about
an hour and a half total! The walk then went into some forest and then
back down by the lake. Boys everywhere know that sticks are fun to carry
and play with and Malawian boys are no different. Our little guys found
these HUGE sticks that they carried the whole way. Who needs
Playstations and Nintendos when the world is full of sticks? Here is a
picture of me with our companions.

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