Wireless Mesh Networking in the news

It sounds like some companies are trying to capitalize on the wireless mesh networking. The idea is pretty simple - let neighbors with broadband connections join them together to increase the total bandwidth that is available to them. The situation in Malawi is different of course, because hardly anyone has a broadband connection. For us wireless mesh networks are virtually the only way to get a decent internet connection. The trouble is you still need someone to have a connection - and that is what is so expensive.

Last week I was fed up with internet and just decided I would pay the money to get a slow, always on point to point wireless connection. I called three different companies. The cheapest price I found was through Skyband which charges $1100 for the setup cost, then $350 per month to get a 64kbps connection. I have therefore relented on my plan. I do know of some neighbors with one of these point to point connections though - so I am hoping to convince them to allow me to setup a mesh network and share it (including costs) with me.

Anyways, here are the articles about wireless mesh networking that Jesse pointed out to me:


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