Alternative travel destinations in Malawi

Thanks to and its ability to customize what news is displayed - I just read this strange but interesting article:
Malawi My Country First in which the author suggests creative things for Malawians to do in Malawi on their holidays.

I thought it would be interesting because we rarely see Malawians at any of the standard tourist destinations like the national parks or forest lodges. It was more interesting and much more confusing than I imagined - but offers some very alternative ideas with destinations not even mentioned in Lonely Planet or Bradt.

In my mind, I can picture myself doing lots of things really, like taking a basic bus ride, all the way to Livingstonia (drop off at Chitimba) and hoof or hitchhike to my favourite place, Vunguvungu, at the crossroads soon after the picturesque 21-hair-pin bend Gorodi Road before climbing to the Dr Laws Plateau. There I would sit under the grass-thatched shack and bang the cheap mkontho hard with the friendly and warm village folks, the hard-working and educated Phokas that I know!
We would hammer the brew hard, sing our way into early evening, and they would escort me as I wobble my way up the plateau to the Guest House, where I would find some ripe bananas waiting for me, supplied by some old, well-meaning friends who would know that I (“Nyasulu”, as they corrupted my name) am in the vicinity.

If you have other alternative destinations add them to the comments below!

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