Managing the Geekery

Jesse (of LoungeChicken fame
and also my partner in Lilongwe website consulting) and I were recently
discussing the best way to track important technology trends. It is
difficult in Malawi, because for us internet time is a premium and there
is so much exciting stuff to try and stay up on. Without question you
need to use an RSS reader (see yesterday's post). My blogroll (on the
side of my blog) is not a helpful indicator because it is far too long.
Rather here would be my top picks for any nerd's Geekery:
I have been reading slashdot for almost a decade. It was a blog before
the word existed. It feels like it has lost its focus a bit lately, but
perhaps that is just relative to the new kids on the block. Any big
technology issue (and a lot of other good and bad stuff) will hit Slashdot.
BoingBoing is not a technology blog, its more pop culture for the
technology set. BoingBoing makes geeks cool.
Digg is sort of like slashdot but with more mayhem and a lot more
stories. If you want to know how to do cool JavaScript hacks or be the
first to hear about Google's new beta mind reading application tune in
here. Sadly, I only get to it every week or so.

Honorable mentions would have to include the following (not necessarily
geek chic) blogs: - Hacking the world for justice and beauty - Africa news and blogging inspiration - Rare but crazy gems

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