Twitter Strategy for Humans

Another from the Recent Emails I have Sent Department:

The most effective Twitter strategy is to use Twitter personally (as yourself, not as your organization) and engage in (and start new) online discussions about things that you feel strongly about. This includes education strategies, new products and, yes, sometimes even what you had for breakfast. The reason is that twitter is about online community and conversation, sort of like Facebook, but with people (not products or organizations) that you often have never met personally. No one wants to talk to a press release, or a corporate department they want real people (who eat breakfast). It is useful to have a corporate twitter identity, but mostly it’s just as a mechanism for real people to share press releases – the real value add happens in public discussion that everyone can see. Often those online discussions turn into post-conference meetings or drinks when people pass through town, and that is usually when the most important opportunities and discussions happen. One more thing – using Twitter during a conference is a great way to establish thought leadership, get followers, and participate in a discussion that is often much more interesting than what is going on at the front of the room.

[An entirely new strategy will probably be necessary once @horse_ebooks begins reproducing.]

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  1. Sophiiiii says:

    I find this helpful, having just joined Twitter an hour ago, thank you for the tips for human beings! Do you know of Sherry Turkle? I recently saw a TED talk she gave, "Connected, but alone?" and was wondering what your response might be, seeing as she adresses tweeting during conferences and the like?

    This is the link:

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