Better Friedman and Slashdot rss feeds

My wife has been insisting that I read Thomas Friendman every week. So I added the RSS feed only to find that it just gives me the first paragraph. L4m3rz!! Clearly there must be a way around this. His column is fully available, but the RSS feed is crippled so that I will have to click on the headline and visit the NYTimes site and be subjected to their ads (which are blocked for me anyways, because I use AdBlock Plus on Firefox (why waste my precious African bandwidth downloading ads for stuff I can't buy anyways?)).
A bit of googling led me to a very useful find: This tool basically fixes RSS feeds by getting the content that you want. I pasted in the RSS feed for Thomas Friendman which I then sent to google reader, my RSS reader, and voila - now I get the full text of Friedman's articles without having to shake, roll over or go into my crate first.
I then thought I might as well see if this same trick could fix another of my longest standing RSS feed annoyances: slashdot. Slashdot was my first RSS feed but the clever hackers at Slashdot have purposefully removed the inline links in their text - so if you want to actually click on any of the stories you have to first go to Slashdot and load up the entire page full of script kiddie rants just to find the original story source. But the echoditto script did the trick here as well. Same slashdot stories now with links!
If you want to save the effort of finding the RSS URLs and just want to add the new and improved versions, click below:
Full text Thomas Friedman RSS Feed
Slashdot RSS Feed with links

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