Wireless Networking in the Developing World

Rob Flickenger - Wireless Networking Uber Guru and some friends have
just released a book that I can't wait to read.

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

I think this book was written for me!

I have read other Flickenger titles, and found his work incredibly
practical and very motivating. Look out Malawi...

Download it here.

Some excerpts from the press release:

London, England-- Imagine trying to piece together a wireless network with no manuals, sporadic and slow access to the Internet, inadequate tools, a shortage of supplies, and in the most inclement weather. The authors of a recently published book, "Wireless Networking in the Developing World" don't need to imagine. They have been doing so for years.

In almost every village, town, or city in the developing world, there are people who can build just about anything. With the right know-how, this can include wireless networks that connect their community to the Internet. The book addresses what Rob Flickenger, the book's editor and lead author, calls a chicken-and-egg problem: "While much information about building wireless networks can be found on-line, that presents a problem for people in areas with little or no connectivity", said Flickenger from his workshop in Seattle. The book covers topics from basic radio physics and network design to equipment and troubleshooting. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource for technologists in the developing world, providing the critical information that they need to build networks. This includes specific examples, diagrams and calculations, which are intended to help building wireless networks without requiring access to the Internet.

In the developing world, one book can often be a library, and to a techie this book may well be a bible. Access to books is difficult where there are few libraries or book stores, and there is often little money to pay for them. "Our book will be released under a Creative Commons license, so everybody can copy and distribute it free of charge....

The book has been released under a Creative Commons license, meaning that it is free to download, print and modify, even for a profit, as long as proper credit is given and any modifications or copies made are shared under the same terms. For Flickenger, who has already published several successful books, publishing a book for free has been an interesting endeavor. He explains, "the Book Sprint team felt that the need for a freely available collection of practical information greatly outweighed any short term profit." ...

The authors also hope that by releasing the book into the "Creative Commons" that it can be improved, expanded, corrected and translated.

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  1. Tess says:

    Mike!! definitely a great resource. Thanks for sharing it!!

    From one geek to another... Tess

  2. No Sin says:

    Wireless Networking in the Developing World

    It looks to be the new(and only) bible for the bare bones, intermittent connection, killer bees in the weatherproof housing, router used as a door stop, networking that I always enjoy

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  4. Mark says:

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