Hippo Roller

The Hippo Roller looks like a pretty simple idea that could have a great impact on Malawians:

The innovative design allows water to be placed inside the "wheel" rather than carried above the wheel. The 90kg (200 pound) weight of water is borne on the ground resulting in an effective weight of just 10kg (22 pounds) on level ground. Children and the elderly can easily manage a full roller over most types of terrain.

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  1. Wow. that's awesome. Combine that with this stove:


    And you would have a significantly improved daily life for rural women.

    Also, New Dawn Engineering makes brick makers and cooking oil makers that would be a good combination with the micro-loans...

  2. Brian says:

    Check out these products at www.kickstart.org

    They also look like a compliment to the Hippo Roller.

    Love your sire. Have been reading for a while.

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