Pictures from Zambia


We were very lucky and found a leopard in broad daylight about 1 minute before it took off running. We followed it and found it in a tree with its prey - a freshly killed baby warthog hanging from the leopard's mouth in the same way that a cat carries its kittens. The mother warthog was squealing and running around not certain where her baby was or if she would be the next victim. Here is the leopard just before it made the kill.

If all of this art safari talk has made you interested here is an article from the current issue of Wanderlust magazine describing a trip in detail.

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  1. Mary-Anne says:

    Hi Mike, that leopard photo is amazing - you can see the tension and energy in her shoulders as she's focussing on that poor baby warthog. I'm carrying on looking on your site, but haven't found any of your sketches up there yet! It's a great read, all of it, I could spend loads of time in here. MABx

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