An outsiders perspective...

Just saw this post from a guy who just visited OIBM, where Claudia works:

 Then we traveled to a bank.  I have to tell you that as someone
who is challenged by all things numerical and financial, this was the
part of the trip that I thought I could do without.  (We had one banker
on the team who was practically giddy about this idea, so I figured I’d
just let his enthusiasm carry me.)
But, this was no ordinary bank.  It was the Opportunity International Bank of Malawi (OIBM).  Opportunity International is a Christian organization dedicated to “giving the poor a working chance.â€?
Yes, we will invest in helping them get clean water and good schools,
AIDS education, health care and Christian teachings, but we will also
give them opportunities to break the cycle of poverty by creating small
businesses.  Our investment in this partnership will be far more than
just a handout or the giving of a gospel tract.  It will be about
giving a foundation of financial, spiritual and moral education to
people who are eager to work hard and let their lights shine.

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