The one about the seven foot python

A few minutes ago, George the gardener came to the window to tell me
that a big snake was killed down the street. So George, George, George
Junior, Georffrey and I all went down to check it out. Sure enough, two
houses down a crowd of mostly kids were standing around a seven foot
python, whose head was pretty much chopped off. This thing was huge and
fat - like as fat as my bicep. You could plainly see the bulge of a chicken or something
equivalent in size midway down the snake.

On the walk home, George the husband of Georgina explained that it is
illegal to handle a snake, therefore the police were on their way over.
It is not illegal to chop its head off, just illegal to touch it
afterwards. Apparently this is to keep them from being hunted and sold
for their skin, and also to keep people from hurting themselves.

Actually it has been an interesting day for wildlife around the house. Perhaps it is because I am reading Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
and I am absorbing some of her nature awareness. Anyways, Boy George
seems to have moved from the Monkey Brain Tree, to the drain next to
our patio. He seems a lot less afraid of me these days too, perhaps he
wants to keep an eye me more. Lets hope he doesn't start eating the
poisoned flies.

But the really strange thing (besides the seven foot python) was the
gigantic flying black bug with blue wings. I have seen it before, but
it today it was climbing my window and carrying a tarantula. It was too
heavy though and it kept falling off. Eventually the bug decided to
just buzz around the tarantula when anything came near, as warning to
not get too close. Gigantic black bugs are very protective about their
dead tarantulas apparently...

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