You may remember the story of Georgina and her son with Malaria.
Luckily he pulled through okay, because 3000 children die of Malaria
every day in Africa. You may remember me promising to do something to
help Georgina out. Well, I ended up offering Georgina the opportunity
to be the housekeeper of our new home. After discussing it with her
husband, she happily took me up on the offer, and as of tomorrow she
will be working five and a half days per week for us. This also means
that her family will be living in the servants' quarters here on our
compound (mental note, choose a nice word to describe our home). There
are probably a lot of funny things about Georgina's family, as there
are with anyone's family, but I have already discovered one outstanding
one. Georgina's husband's name is George, their eldest son is George
Junior, and their youngest son's name is Georffrey. Our guard's name
also happens to be George. I am thinking of renaming our home Georgia
just to follow the trend. But like I said most families are weird. My
own great great grandparents were in the Oklahoma Land Run (remember
Far and Away), and they were such fans of their experiences and
adventures there that their first four children were named, Oak, Homer,
Terry and Torry. Get it - Oaklahoma Territory?
Back to Georgina though. I am not sure how she will fill five and a
half days per week cleaning up after Claudia and I. I mean, we didn't
always have the tidiest of flats in Oxford, but how can two people
require one person to clean up after you? Well, there are certain roles
dictated by a country and its culture, and having a housekeeper and
gardener seems to be the bare minimum required of us here. Despite the
strangeness of having someone around all of the time, it will be nice
to have her. Our house will be clean of course, but so will our
clothes. And because this is Africa, ironing is a requirement even for
socks and underwear, otherwise the eggs of a certain parasite will
hatch and the larvae will make themselves comfortable under your skin.
And Georgina is excited about cooking too. At the moment, this probably
just means rice, chicken and nsima but she is excited about learning to
cook other things and well. If I can teach her to make tortillas... So
perhaps we will find ways to keep Georgina busy.

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