An experiment in open source development

I just sent the following to the main mailing list for software
developers in Malawi
. We'll see what happens:

I thought I would put my money where my mouth is and offer cold hard
cash for open source development. So this little offer/challenge is open
to any developer (or group of developers) in Malawi.

I currently have setup Thunderbird to be the default handler for RSS
Feeds. (Options->General)

I have also setup Firefox (via the LiveLines extension) to pass any
feed:// url that it comes across to my system's default feed handler
(which is Thunderbird).

Despite being the default handler, Thunderbird doesn't seem to do
anything when a feed:// is passed to it.

I want it to automatically add the feed URL as a new subscription to my
News & Blogs account (basic functionality). I would be really impressed
if it could scan through my existing subscriptions and open the
corresponding folder if I already had subscribed to the feed that was
passed to it(extended functionality).

So here is what I am offering:

If you can give me a working extension (even if it is buggy) that can do
the basic functionality as outlined above working by Monday morning
(9am) I will pay you 6000 MWK. If it also does the extended
functionality I will make it 7000 MWK.

If you can deliver the basic functionality by next Friday morning (9am),
I will pay 4000. The extended functionality pays 500 MWK anytime after
Monday morning.

Here are some links about the feed format:


But you don't really need to know anything about the protocol. You just
take feed:// drop the feed:// part to get part and add that as a subscription.


Bounty won and solved!

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