ARVs bringing hope to Zomba

These kind of articles make really excited about the HIV work I am
starting at the lighthouse clinic...

These are not good times in Malawi, a country facing an almost
certain famine, deep in the grip of the AIDS pandemic. There isn't a
great deal to be cheerful about.

But in the small Tisungane Clinic in Zomba Central Hospital, people
positively beam. When they spot a visitor, they rush forward and hold
out a waylaying hand.

"Oh, you should have seen me, I was very suffering!" says Rev. MacPhary
Kamwedo, a 45-year-old pastor with the local Baptist church, who will
not let erratic English hinder his story.

"I had skin cancer, gastro(enteritis), fever _ now I have good power. I
am even pedaling my bicycle."

Kamwedo has AIDS. But he has been on antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for the
past six weeks, and he is awestruck at the change in that short time.

AIDS miracle

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  1. Claire Rainville says:

    There is also a new Canadian run clinic in Ngodzi, 15 miles south of Salima.
    It serves 40k villagers in the area, with 3000 patients a month.

    Three members of ICross Ca. recently flew down to Malawi to bring down $50k worth of donated medicines.
    While there our container shipment arrived with more medicine, and equipment from an XRay machine to bikes for the nurses who do out patient visits.


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