Drawing Elephants

As long as you promise to keep in mind my utter lack of experience in drawing then I will show you some of my work from the Art Safari. Deal? Okay, so here you go. I mentioned some of the exercises that Mary-Anne taught us in my previous post, and I wanted to show you what the results were. The first one resulted in something that I thought genuinely pretty cool. The challenge was to draw an elephant with only straight lines:

I was quite surprised how it came together. I like to think of it as an Avant Garde ellie. Next the challenge was to draw an elephant without taking the pencil off of the paper - sort of a continuous curve elephant I suppose. Keep in mind that we were doing this with live, trumpeting elephants surrounding our vehicle - elephants that never held their position for more than 10 seconds.

Finally, do you like big butts? Well they don't get much bigger than this one:

2 Response to Drawing Elephants

  1. Mark Kingston says:


    glad to see that you have got something out of Aof T despite initial "oh my gawsh, like these britishers are so reserved and pessimistic" review ;-P

    The drawings are most impressive. I always think less is more in these things...

    Love y'all,


  2. Mary-Anne says:

    Hey, great to see these ellie sketches again - and can you post that long landscape you did too? A born artist! ...sometimes we all think we were born hippopotamuses though, and, nevermind the art bit, we should all strive to be giraffes. Lovely description of the trip Mike, thanks ! MABx

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