The circle of life


Before we arrived at the site of the kill we passed a buffalo killed
days ago. There were dozens of vultures, squawking and fighting, waiting
their turn to plunge their black heads into the carcass.

Further on we saw a buffalo tumbled over the hill flat on its back. 20
yards on and another dead buffalo, this one had water all around it.
They had just been returning from a drink at the river. About 10 yards
behind the buffalo a lioness stood guard. She was guarding this buffalo
for her man.

On the right, in the shade sprawled a male lion with his favorite
lioness beside him. These lions had 3 freshly killed buffalo, but they
had already eaten their fill. These lions were fat and sleeping in food
comatose. We got within 5 yards, they stirred and stared at us.

The male rolled out of his drunken slumber, drunk on blood. He yawned,
then sauntered towards the cliff over the river. The sun was setting
orange and purple and the lion surveyed the land, his land.

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