Learning the ropes of VSAT

So thanks to some really generous board members and a heroic last minute drive by the infamous Jeff I now have all of the pieces I need to build the physical infrastructure for my VSAT centric wireless mesh network. My hardware consists of:
3 WRT5G boxes
1 Direcway6000 VSAT modem
1 Transceiver arm (sends and receives signals)
1 old school 1.8m satellite dish
Various power supplies, cables, etc.

Now I need to find someone who resells bandwidth on a satellite that is pointed in my general direction and compatible with my hardware. I was hopeful that GT&T, a Belgian company, would fit the bill as they seem to come up in lots of google searches. But a few minutes on the phone put that hope to rest - they have proprietary equipment. A little more googling took me to Canada, and a picture telling me which bird I need to point at: PanamSAT PAS10. I thought PanAm went bankrupt years ago - apparently they have just relocated to a higher altitude.
So now I have it down to two different resellers. These Canadian hosers who are giving me hope not returning my phone calls, and ComputerLand Limited, a Malawian company in Blantyre, who are giving me excuses has sent me a quote. Looks like about $200-$300 per month with . I just received an email from some Czech guys who seem to be really with it. Not sure how I even found them, but I have been casting my net far and wide.

I think I will start with this service:

iWay Homeuser - US $150 per Terminal per month
Single Computers Shared 64 kbps or 128 kbps multiple uplinks and shared 4.5 mbps or greater down link (TDMA/DVB) up to a maximum speed of 128 kbps per terminal. Budgeted on average of 0.5 GB of traffic volume per month. Usage will be monitored by Principal and if exceeded by more than 20% (in aggregate) over a two-month period Customer will be required to upgrade to another more suitable account.

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  1. James Kinsley says:

    I stumbled across "blogging" while engaged in the fruitless search for cheap broadband in Malawi. I have been in Lilongwe since October 2004, and have been waiting ever since ! Please tell me that you have solved the problem with ebay kit + other bits and pieces and a helpful satellite......I am interested to learn more. By-the-way, as a consultant in the UK, I had some involvement in supporting the Government awarding fixed wireless access licences and so mesh technology rings a few bells.

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