How to build the Johnny Redneck Special

Your 2nd cousin told you can download NASCAR races, get fishin' reports, and find nekkid pictures of his wife on the internets - but that old AOL dialup nonsense just won't cut it for serious internets trolling. So you had your old lady scour the garage sales and she found a linksys WRT54G wireless access point. Now you want to use it to swipe some free internets access from the house next door to the trailer park, but so far you can only get a signal when you plug it into your neighbor's hookup. Last week your boy skinned his cat, so you doubt you can continue using his hookup. Well, why not attach the Johnny Redneck special to your WRT54G? Read on for instructions and pictures:

First get the materials. Cardboard, tape, scissors, a pencil, and some tinfoil (the stuff covering yesterday's pizza will work if you smooth it out first). Cut out two of these shapes in your cardboard (if you have had more than one six pack you might want to get your boy to do it for you):

Then cut up some rectangles of tinfoil and tape them onto some squares of cardboard or something flimsier (the cardboard from a 12 pack case of MGD should be perfect for these).

Fold up the first cardboard as seen in the picture and put some holes in it to slide it onto the existing antennas. Then wrap the tinfoil around the curved cardboard and tape it all up.

Point the puppies at the yuppie's house, set the WRT54G to Client mode (managed), plug it into your slaptop, and crack a six-pack - you deserve it.

I picked up this here idea from a book called Wireless Hacks by Rob Flickenger - check your local garage sale. Rob up and took the idea from the boys - they have some other nice antennas too:
Windmaker(personally I prefer beans)

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  1. gus mueller says:

    yeehaw! heavens to betsies! i heard tell there's a way to fix yerself an antenner out of an old double barled shotgun barl, some binder twine, and a coupla ivory bilt woodpeckners stuck in a paps blue ribbon six pack ring. it aint easy findin them woopeckners no more, but a layin hen works just as well.

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