More Pythons

Last time I mentioned that Boy George was hanging out closer to our
house instead of on his monkey brain tree. Well, today I think I found
out why. Georgina came and told me I needed to look at something. She
took me to the monkey brain tree and showed me a snakeskin wrapping
around it and leading into a hole in the tree. Apparently we have our
very own Green Python who has taken over Boy George's tree - hence his
hanging out nearer the house. Georgina tells me it is no 7 footer, but
it is not small either. George the gardener stuffed some branches in
its general direction, but thus far it has not come out. Don't worry
dear readers, I will tell you as soon as Pi emerges.

It seems silly blogging about animals all the time. Everyday is full of
things way more interesting but way more complicated. I have a number
of blog posts that I am working on, but they require so much thinking
power that they have yet to be published. Meanwhile, I hope you can
enjoy my blog like one enjoys the zoo.

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