More pictures of our pets

There are hundreds of these caterpillars. Especially in one particular
mango tree. George and Lazarro tell me that many Malawians eat them,
but they themselves claim not to. I don't know though, they do look
pretty tasty.

Speaking of insects for dinner, flying ants are apparently a favorite
among the locals. After some rain, it is crazy, because these flying
ants will emerge from a bunch of little holes in the ground. For about
10-15 minutes, 5 flys per second will emerge and go do whatever flying
ants do. 5 flys per second for 15 minutes. Do the math, that is a lot
of flys. In the evening on a heavy flying ant day the sky will
literally be raining down with ant wings. Where the ants are I have no

This is Geeko the Gecko. He used to hang out with me while I coded.
That is until he ate the fly that you see in his mouth in this picture.
Silly Geeko, that fly was dead from the insect repellant that was
sprayed in our house - and Geckos should not partake. I found him dead
near my surge protector the next day.

Finally here is Boy George with his blue head on. I am more skeptical
about his claims of being a Chameleon, but he definitely changes color.
He is my favorite pet. I can always find him on the monkey brain tree,
when I need to get my brain off of work.

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