Ted the Snake

Yesterday, we picked up a propane camping stove from Claudia's boss so
that we can cook some food while we are waiting to buy a stove. Last
night, George, our Guard carried the tank into the garage. This morning
I went out in my sandals to carry it inside. I brought the very heavy
thing in and set it up, and soon realized that I must have left the gas
line in the truck. I went out to the garage to look for the gas line,
and was surprised to see a gas line coiled up on the floor. Except it
wasn't a gas line - it was a snake! It had been resting underneath the
propane tank, just inches from where my bare toes had been when I
lifted the tank away. I grabbed my camera and took its picture, then I
went looking for Lazarro, our gardener, whom I figured would be well
equipped to kill it. But George had already killed it by the time I got
back - apparently with his night stick. They tell me it was a small
black mamba - dangerous, poisonous, and according to Jackson our
landlord - rare. Somehow I am not comforted.

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