Photos of our home in Lilongwe

Not much writing in this post - just pictures of our home and garden. Enjoy!

Here is sort of a side view of our house and our two cars - a Nissan doublecab and a Mitsubishi Pajero.

Our driveway, with George, our guard/soon-to-be gardener enjoying his new
watering can I just bought at Shop-Rite.

View onto the front section of our garden from the Khonde, or patio
area where we eat most meals. That is my favorite monkey under the
monkey brain tree.

The wild part of our garden!  This will soon be our vegetable
garden right outside where Georgina, George, George Junior and Georfrey
live (family photo to follow soon hopefully!)

View from under the monkey brain tree onto our patio area.  The doors and windows behind me open into our main living room.

Our bedroom - notice the giant mosquito net to protect against malaria
(which everybody not on antimalarials seems to have right now)!

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