Military Service in Israel

A few years ago I had an incredible couple of weeks traveling solo through India. One night I had dinner with a group of young Israelis who invited me to join them. It was great. I did not know about mandatory military service in Israel and how both men and women (boys and girls?) were forced to participate. Military service is not too uncommon in the world of course - but the experience of doing it in Israel is another thing entirely. Turns out, many Israelis head to India and spend months or years or lifetimes in drug induced escape from all that they experienced as part of their military service. I have become more and more fascinated about Israel ever since (The People On the Street is a great book) and can't wait to visit. A few days ago, BoingBoing posted a link to a photography project about women (girls?) in the IDF. I started clicking and was fascinated by these M16 carrying girls of so many races, all of one race, fighting millenia of injustice with the tools of injustice, so innocent and yet not.

Girls in the IDF

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