Rest in Peace Mangaliso

Mangaliso Jere, author of Mangaliso's World passed away last week. He was probably the most prolific Malawian blogger in the world, and he is being mourned and missed by many. Apparently Mangaliso died from internal bleeding after having a straightforward operation at a hospital in Mzuzu.

Mangaliso came to the blogger brai we had at my house about a year ago, and our professional paths crossed frequently. He had recently moved to Mzuzu, a town in the north, and was making good progress in bringing the benefits of IT to some of the further reaches of Malawi. I think Mangaliso's own words describe him best:

"Proud to be Malawian striving to beat the odds...

An African FLAME against the odds on the Motherland.

Descendant of the great Zulu force which changed the face of Southern Africa . Am a NGONI from Malawi. MFECANE is the process which changed the face a region.

Malawi the land of the flames, which has the largest fresh water lake running across the country. Am really proud to be called a MALAWIAN

Protected by the fierce cats the LION & LEOPARD. I know a my risks.

Our flag is BLACK, RED, GREEN.

BLACK - Its our past it was dark and seemed to have no future
RED - This signifies the blood shed, suffering and passion of the people to have a better future.
GREEN - Grass will be greener on our side and we have hope.

We will always have Sunshine as a people

So as I always say I am a MALAWIAN and AFRICAN"

- Who Am I, Mangaliso's World January 3, 2007, Two weeks before his death.

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