Bandwidth for East Africa

Thanks to the ITMalawi
mailing list
(which I have been trolling quite a bit lately)
I came across this excellent website that is capturing all of the
information and advocating for getting a fiber connection to Africa:

Fibre for Africa

Africa currently has to pay for some of the most expensive bandwidth in the
world. The region currently only has one major international fibre
cable (SAT3) that connects countries in West and Southern Africa but
East Africa has no fibre connection. Fibre connections usually mean
cheaper prices than satellite for volume traffic but because of the
monopoly structure of the SAT3 consortium, its operators have kept
prices high.

All this will change if the proposed East African Submarine Cable
System (EASSy) cable is built as it will connect countries on the
eastern side of the continent and if this new capacity is offered in a
way that maximises use and lowers price.

To help make this possible, APC is launching a new website
“Fibre-for-Africa” and on March 10 will hold a consultation with more
than 80 key stakeholders from all over Eastern and Southern Africa to
ensure that access to EASSy -which will serve eight coastal and eleven
land-locked countries- is ‘easy’, affordable and open.


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