Blood on our hands

If you have been watching this space, you have seen my buildup to the famine that is happening in Malawi. First there was an article warning of what is to come, then it George told me about his family's village and how they are scrounging for roots in the forest to eat. Now 29 orphans have died because they didn't have any food. This is happening close to my house, and I feel guilty about it. I wonder how the rest of the world feels?

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  2. Toni Cuss says:

    Every day I have trouble reconciling the extent of my wealth with the extent of my staff's lack and actually they are well off compared to many. How can you reconcile it? I survive by telling myself that if I gave all my wealth away it would not solve the problems of poverty, I would just be added to a, sadly, rapidly growing pile. Orphans dying...eesh!

  3. i googled for something completely different, but found your page... and have to say thanks. i like your site.

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