Bono recalls his time in Lilongwe

Today's guest blogger is Bono:

: We know you’ve got a deficit problem. We
understand there’s a war being fought. But, really, if we’re to take
this issue seriously, and we must, because in 50 years, you know, when
they look back at this moment, they’ll talk about the war against
terror, they’ll talk about the Internet, and they’ll talk about what we
did or didn’t do about this continent bursting into flames. It is the
most extraordinary thing to watch people dying three in a bed, two on top and one underneath, as I have seen in Malawi, in Lilongwe, Malawi. I mean, it is an astonishing thing. And it’s avoidable. It’s an avoidable catastrophe. You saw what happened with the tsunami. You see the outpouring, you see the dramatic pictures. Well, there’s a tsunami happening every month in Africa, but it’s an avoidable catastrophe. It is not a natural calamity.

Okay Bono didn't really guest blog for me, this is just an interview from Meet the Press in prep for Live 8.

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