"Moral Issues"

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My biggest gripe about the religious right is that they think holiness means having strong opinions on issues that affect others.

Religious Right = Rich Married White People

Rich Married White People, for the most part, don't have abortions. Rich Married White People don't get married to a person of the same sex.

Isn't that convenient - two issues that make it so easy to point the finger at other's shortcomings. So convenient in fact that Republicans use them, and them alone, as proof positive of their strong moral platform, of their Christianity.

Christianity is not a religion of convenience.

If someone wants to fight abortion, the first step should be to adopt a child. Otherwise I call hypocrisy.

If someone wants to fight the degradation of family values in America, then fight them I say. Forget getting the new SUV, the boat, the bigger house. The sacrifices they require bear unhappy children and divorce. Find joy in the people you love - they are the only investments worth anything anyways. Get your own family straight before you call someone else's queer.

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